Other scholars refer to hypnotherapy as hypnosis. It is an alternative curative healing technique applied in creating subconscious changes in a patient. It comes in various forms including thoughts, responses, behaviors, attitudes, and feelings. It applies intense concentration, guided relaxation, and concerted attention in attaining an enhanced state of awareness. Sometimes, this state is called a trance. In this state, the attention of the patient remains focused. It blocks anything that goes around the patient albeit temporarily. Alternatively, it ignores any occurrence. The state helps the child in gathering the attention that comes with the help of a trained therapist.

The working of hypnotherapy takes a scheduled course. It helps the process of psychotherapy. It is a process of counseling or a therapy considering that the hypnotic state makes it possible for patients to go through feelings, memories, nostalgic moments and painful thoughts. Hypnotherapy helps people to understand things from different perspectives. Among other issues, it blocks one from being aware of pain.

To administer hypnosis, trained therapists use two forms. First, they consider suggestion therapy. In this method, a hypnotic state puts the patient at a better position to respond to suggestions. It gives a person the ability to change particular behaviors. Included in the list of behaviors is quitting smoking and nail biting. It is a remedy for those interested in changing sensation and perceptions. It is important in treating pain.

The second form of hypnosis is analysis. The method applies the relaxed state to look into likely causes of psychological problems. Commonly, it is a cause of a symptom or a disorder. They include past events that are traumatizing concealed by a patient in the unconscious memory. The revelation of the trauma gives room for psychotherapy to take effect. Using hypnotherapy comes with various benefits. To begin with, it puts the patient at a better position to engage others in issues that develop. It helps in promoting the success of other treatments by other physicians for several other conditions.

The conditions include fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, loss, and sleep disorders. Furthermore, hypnotherapy also helps in controlling, managing and overcoming certain habits among them overeating and smoking and as well as how to overcome jealousy. It also helps patients with severe symptoms and those in need of crisis management to stop feeling anxious. However, trained therapists do not recommend hypnotherapy for psychotic symptoms. These are patients showing signs of delusions and hallucinations. It is best applied in overcoming anxiety. Additionally alcoholics and drug addicts are advised against such treatment. Trained therapists guide on how to overcome jealousy using the same.

Other details can be accessed at http://edition.cnn.com/2015/08/18/health/hypnosis-treatment/ .


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